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We strive to provide services that will meet the needs of all of our customers.
State Graded and Regular Sales


We partner with Dublin Feeder Cattle Association (DFCA), Virginia Cattlemens Association (VCA), and Virginia Department of Agriculture (VDACS) to offer state grading for feeder cattle (steers, heifers, and bulls) seasonally. Regular sales are held following the graded feeder cattle sales for ungraded feeder cattle and slaughter cows and bulls. Refer to the Sale Schedule tab for a listing of sale dates.

One Owner Groups
One owner groups of uniform cattle will be sold prior to the state graded feeder cattle sales. Farm name, health program, and weaning status will be announced during the sale. Contact us for more information.
VQA Sales

Virginia Quality Assured (VQA) weaned calf sales are held periodically throughout the year. We work closely with the Virginia Cooperative Extension Service, DFCA, VCA, and VDACS to coordinate these sales. These calves qualify for the VQA health program and are weaned at least 45 days. Calves are comingled and sold in tractor trailer size lots via the Tele-Auction. Contact Morgan Paulette, Pulaski County Extension Agent, for more information about this program. 540-980-7761

Tele-Auction/Board Sales

Tele-Auction/Board Sales offer tractor trailer loads of feeder cattle to buyers from Pennsylvania to the Midwest while the cattle remain on the farm. Cattle are graded on the farm by VDACS. A description is forwarded to potential buyers by VCA. Buyers bid on the cattle via a telephone conference call. Cattle remain on the farm until an agreed upon delivery date.


Small Livestock Sales

We hold Small Livestock Sales on the 3rd Saturday of every month, unless otherwise announced. Small livestock consisting of lambs, ewes/rams, goats, baby calves, and hogs over 150lbs. The livestock is grouped into uniform groups and sold in one owner lots or sold as singles. For more information contact Jackson Meek (540)-320-8175.
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